Looking for Employment???

Performance Staffing is always looking for qualified personnel our jobs are flexible.
Our assignments  range from full-time to part-time and can be long-term positions
with career potential or short-term positions to make some additional money. We
want to provide you with an assignment that matches your skills and abilities so that
you are able to thrive in the workplace.

We want our employees to have real positive effect in our client's business. In order
to do this it is important that our employees have the following attributes:
Nothing is more important than the safety of our employees. Our policy is to
prevent accidents and to comply with all safety rules and regulations. If an
accident does occur we want our employees to return to work as soon as they
are able. We do what we can to aide in the healthy recovery of employees.

Equal Employment Opportunity
It is our policy to seek and employ the best qualified personnel in all of our
facilities and to provide equal opportunity for the advancement of employees
and to administer all of our policies in a manner that will not discriminate any
person based on race, color, religion, age, sex, marital or veteran status,
national origin, ancestry, disability or any legally protected status.
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